so i visit like every couple of weeks (soz) but i thought i’d make a quick recap post of my phillip island gp experience, probably more for my own benefit cos i doubt anyone is interested lel.

got there relatively early around 8:30, had bought my long sought-after marquez hoodie ($175 bucks wtf that is my weekly pay!) by 8:45 and had won a competition to meet mick doohan and be present at this mini race preview interview thing by 9, so that was a good start to the day!

the mick doohan thing was cool, he made this offhand comment about having dinner with rossi which i found hysterical for some reason. he said marquez was a gun, talked about adjusting to the handlebar brake adapted for his leg injury, about how pedrosa absolutely HATES phillip island, and how jack miller will probs do shit in motogp but lol that’s the way it goes.

aaaaanyway went to get a good spot for moto3, just after the start/finish line on the straight, in front of a screen so we actually could see what happened after they went past. such a good race! so excite very overtake.

i missed moto2 cos erm lady problems but yay.

gp still makes me want to cry when i think about it lol. 9 fucking riders, i don’t even know how or why but it was so incredibly disappointing for everyone :( when iannone fell and pedrosa came into the pits, i was disappointed but excited for marc, but when marquez fell i literally yelped and had tears in my eyes and some random lady next to me started rubbing my shoulder haha. and then bradl and senior spargy, but it was gonna be ok cos at least polyccio could take his brother’s spot and then fucking jr spargy and i was about to walk away but no crutchlow, i wanted to see him get second AND THEN HE FUCKING FELL OFF AND I WAS DONE AND I STARTED CRYING AND I DIDN’T WATCH THE END OF THE RACE OR GO SEE THE PODIUM COS I WAS REALLY UPSET.

last year i was super upset too cos i had desperately wanted to see marc on the podium and it was all fine and dandy and then lol disqualified lol and hopes were dashed and then all my fave riders ever just didn’t finish this year.

phillip island like can you not

“I just want cute bras, nice tattoos and a chance to see the world.” — (via sswerveeee)